Freely downloadable SHIP installation photos

Another tool to promote solar heat for industrial processes is now online: a photo gallery offering royalty-free images of several SHIP systems.

Planning to hold a presentation on the solar process heat potential in your country? Thinking about posting news articles to your website? Just go to, where you can find pictures of systems providing solar heat for industrial processes, or SHIP, for use in your publication.

The gallery comes with image captions in three languages and already includes 55 photos of existing SHIP plants. You can download and use all images free of charge – as long as you include a copyright notice, which is preceded by © and states the owner of the photo.

An advanced search function allows you to filter by collector technology, country or industry, among other things. Results will be shown immediately as soon as you start filling in one of the search fields.

Each image includes a set of key technical data about the installation. This information can easily be copied and pasted. After choosing a system, you will find the following displayed in a fact box next to the image:

  •  Country
  •  Customer
  •   Industry
  •  Application
  •  Collector type
  •   SHIP supplier
  •  Year of commissioning

The photo gallery is one of the outcomes of a 2018 survey carried out by Solar Payback among nearly 80 SHIP suppliers from around the world. The SHIP Supplier World Map contains a list of all those which participated in it.

All SHIP technology suppliers are invited to provide images of installations that they have completed and for which they have full copyright. Please contact Bärbel Epp at for receiving the form that needs to be filled in.

Share your success story – but this time, let pictures do the talking.