Higher awareness about solar process heat in The Mexican industry

Representatives from the Mexican industry agree with the fact that the use of solar energy for industrial processes are an efficient and economical solution. They also acknowledge a positive effect of the activities of the Solar Payback project in a higher awareness about it among the industrial stakeholders.

Juan Manuel Ávila Hernández

CEO & Co-Founder of Top Energy and President of the COPARMEX Energy Commission (Employers’ Confederation of Mexico) for the State of Aguasclientes.

I consider that solar thermal technology is an efficient and economical solution since the payback periods are quite fast. In many cases, it is less than four year, including the expenses related to the operation and maintenance.. Therefore, I believe solar thermal technology is an efficient and economical solution for industry.

However, it is necessary to implement additional support measures to increase the deployment of solar heat plants in the industry of the country. We need to raise more awareness about the benefits behind this technology and position the industry as driver of the energy transition.

In order to disseminate solar heat installations as an option to reduce fuel costs among COPARMEX members, Solar Payback should participate in industrial events and fairs, not so much in events related to energy because that sector knows the solution and its benefits; the industrial users are the ones who need to be convinced.

Cinthya Selene Díaz Aguirre

Coordinator at the National Chamber of the Sugar and Alcohol Industries (CNIAA) & Cogeneration Commission of the CNIAA.

I agree with the fact that solar thermal technology is an efficient and economical solution to meet the demand for heat in industrial processes, especially since our country has abundant solar radiation.

Thanks to the Solar Payback project there is more information, dissemination and monitoring of these issues. I believe that there is more and more information and knowledge in this regard.

I also believe that it is necessary for this technology to be socialized and that it is increasingly closer to the industry in terms of costs and accessibility.

It would be important to have more detailed information on the use of this technology in different sectors, it is also important to have information about the support or additional mechanisms to make it more accessible nationally and internationally.

Jorge Carlos Obregón Franco

President of the COPARMEX Energy Commission (Employers’ Confederation of Mexico) León Metropolitan Area and Commercial Director at Grupo Ecovo.

The economic impact on the industry caused by the generation of thermal energy is one of the highest because they require this type of input in their production process. Therefore, I agree with the fact that solar thermal technology is an efficient and economical solution to meet the demand for heat in industrial processes.

Unfortunately, very little is known about the positive impact it can have on the industry. If some kind of non-refundable support can be considered, it would surely detonate the solution a lot.

Dissemination workshops could be organized in different industries and through business chambers, presenting success stories in different industries, etc. Present the program in a creative way, launch mailings, organize a face-to-face event (if possible).

Juan Carlos Hernández

President of the COPARMEX Energy Commission (Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic) of the State of Puebla.

Solar thermal technology has become very important for the industrial sector. This technology has helped reduce fuel costs and therefore contributes to the reduction in production costs, making production processes more profitable and efficient.

We must acknowledge the contribution of the German government and the German and Mexican agencies that have cooperated in the development of this type of initiatives that undoubtedly mark a before and after for the Mexican industry.

I fully agree that this type of initiative should continue to be supported either with technical support, training and financing to increase SHIP plants in our country.

It is important to disseminate the information through the different industrial organizations throughout the country and show success stories.

It would be good to have an executive video of the SHIP systems in order to show it to the right people in the industry and manage to replicate the approach in local business groups. The information should reach industry from different parts of Mexico.

Lizbeth Contreras

Deputy Director of the Mexican Association of Industrial Parks (AMPIP).

Solar thermal technology can reduce costs. There is no concrete example in industrial parks, however, there are some in companies located within an industrial park.

Solar Payback activities have helped train on the subject. It could be improved by making posters that explain in a very simple way the benefits of implementing a SHIP system. The posters could be distributed among the companies located in the industrial parks. In addition, solar heat technologies could be promoted among our members through social media networks, especially LinkedIn.

Hugo Castro Martínez

Manager of Energy and Environmental Sustainability, COPARMEX Nacional (Employers’ Confederation of the Mexican Republic).

Solar thermal technology offers specific alternatives depending on the company’s line of business. It is also an efficient alternative for the industry.

Solar Payback has covered a large part of the national territory, I remember states like Zacatecas, Jalisco and Mexico City.

It is necessary to expose the economic benefits of these technologies, as well as their reliability. Local workshops could be held for economic activity and short videos showing the benefits.