Public policy workshop about SHIP in Mexico

On May 29, the public policy workshop of the Solar Payback project took place with representatives of the Mexican solar thermal market at the Conuee offices in Mexico City. The workshop was organized by representatives of the institutions that are part of the Solar Payback project, which include the Mexican-German Chamber of Commerce (CAMEXA), the National Association of Solar Energy (ANES), the Solar Energy Association of Germany (BSW-Solar), and the German communication agency Solrico.

Jan Knaack welcomes all participants to the policy workshop of Solar Payback in Mexico, 2018
Héctor Ledezma from Conuee welcomes all participants.

The goal of the workshop was to gather information from different sectors involved in the solar process heat market to make recommendations on how to encourage the use of solar heat in the Mexican industrial sector through public policies.

Marisol Oropeza presents the study “Calor Solar para la Industria: México”

As an introduction, Marisol Oropeza – representative of solrico, presented the structure, results, and conclusions of the study of the solar process heat market that the Solar Payback consortium made for Mexico. Subsequently, Angelica Quiñones, Vice President of ANES, described the main barriers and recommendations identified in that study. Finally, Jan Knaack Senior Project Manager of BSW-Solar, coordinated the working group session, in which participants discussed barriers and solutions from each sector: manufacturers, government, finance, and international cooperation. “Together with the participants we have analyzed the barriers, but we have also generated a series of ideas for public policy. We have a good starting point to develop proposals for the next administration, “says Mr. Knaack. The working group session was very dynamic and interactive thanks to the active participation of all the attendees, as well as their multidisciplinary profile.

Working groups discussing barriers and solutions for SHIP.
Working groups discussing barriers and solutions for SHIP.

The group of organizations responsible for the Solar Payback project will process the information gathered during the workshop and draft the document with public policy recommendations, which will be delivered to the relevant institutions during the fourth quarter of this year.

It was also agreed to present the public policy recommendations, as well as the results of the study that is currently being carried out on the potential of the SHIP market in Mexico, during the ANES conference in November 2018.

Download the study in Spanish: Calor Solar en la Industria: México

List of attendees to the public policy workshop held on May 29, 2018, in Mexico City:

  1. Eduardo Chávez, Banobras
  2. David Contreras Rodríguez, Conuee
  3. Pablo Cuevas, PNUD
  4. Ernesto Fernández Arias, FIRA
  5. Mahdha Flores C., PTB
  6. Daniel García Valladares, Módulo Solar
  7. Flemming Jorgensen, Jorgensen
  8. Jan Knaack, BSW
  9. Héctor Ledezma, Conuee
  10. Ángel Mejía Santiago, Inventive Power
  11. Lissette Mendoza Barrón, Conuee
  12. Daniel Moreno, Calorex
  13. Marisol Oropeza, Solrico
  14. Hermilio Ortega, GIZ
  15. Kira Potowski, CAMEXA
  16. Angélica Quiñones, ANES
  17. Diana Laura Rebollar Castelán, GIZ
  18. Joscha Rosenbusch, GIZ
  19. Yotzelin Saldaña Beltrán, Conuee
  20. Jorge Soriano, Conuee
  21. Rosa María Valdés, Conuee
  22. María del Pilar Valencia Montes, Conuee